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Toby + Katie

Hi there! We’re an adventure seeking husband+wife duo based out of Whistler and Victoria, BC. We come from opposite ends of the globe and found each other through our passion for action sports. Born and raised in Queensland, Australia, Toby had planned to pursue a trade and settle down after finishing high school but instead hopped on a plane to Canada to chase his dreams and has never looked back. Katie grew up in a small fishing community in BC and left to find the mountains and pursue the life of an athlete. 

We are so similar but from such different backgrounds. We compliment each other with our different life experiences and together love stepping into the unknown and pushing our comfort levels to capture something unique and special for every couple we work with. We love to travel, believe in following your passion and doing what you love. Working with couples that want to express their love their way wether it’s a big fairytale wedding or eloping to their favourite place. Authenticity is what we want to capture. Working with true emotions, your unique personalities and natural light is what makes us smile. We want to see your true beautiful self not a fabricated pose of what ‘love should look like’.

There is no nook or cranny of this earth we don’t want to see, so wherever you want to be we want to be as well. No place or idea is too crazy for us, we are in love with adventure, new ideas and different cultures. So send us an email and tell us your dream wedding and we would love to capture every moment of it!